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Welcome to Mabton School District! As Superintendent of Mabton Schools, I maintain responsibility for fulfilling the mission of the district to impact the academic success of all students. I will provide the essential leadership to obtain and develop quality staff, secure and manage funds and facilities, and encourage and maintain communication between the schools and the public. 

The District’s Strategic Plan was recently updated in 2013/2014. The work included involved focus groups with the school board of directors, administration, parents, students and staff in creating a plan that continues to build on the academic successes of our students. Four goals have been identified as follows:

Early Childhood Education – Promote school-readiness via active outreach to parents and to the pre-school community, employing appropriate tools and an aligned curriculum and successful transitions, using proactive assessment and early intervention strategies.

Engaging Teaching and Learning - Ensure that students are engaged and accountable learners, meeting high expectations through demonstrated growth, guided by quality teachers and counselors who have the necessary resources and training to be effective.

District Culture & Climate – Create a district culture and climate that is welcoming, inclusive and culturally sensitive emphasizing safety and mutual respect, relationships and an atmosphere of trust.

Parent & Community Engagement – Celebrate student success through a wide variety of communication channels, with a focus on transparency and collaborative, inclusive partnerships that empower parents and encourage community service

Mabton School District maintains a vision to “engage people in rigorous, stimulating, and inviting learning experiences. We believe all students can learn and achieve at high levels given appropriate instruction, support, and relationships.” It is my intent to make our work transparent, collaborative, cohesive and consistent throughout the district and community of Mabton.

I am committed to honor and serve the students, staff and the community of Mabton. I will maintain and model honesty, integrity and build effective two-way communication. My every day awakening purpose for our work is truly student centered. I have an open door policy that will allow me to seek understanding and seek to be understood. I also welcome you and encourage you to visit our schools, to come meet our staff, our students and to seek opportunities to become involved in the district. 

Once again, I welcome you to Mabton School District.

Minerva Morales, Superintendent
Mabton School District
P.O. Box 37
Mabton, WA 9893
Phone (509) 894-4852
Fax (509) 894-4769


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