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District Office Scent-Free Zone


General Information

Mabton School District Guiding Principle:  The mindful and respectful treatment of others fosters productive learning.


Trouble in the Air:

  • For some people, second-hand scent is more serious than second-hand smoke
  • The onset of symptoms are quicker and can be debilitating
  • While some people might get a mild headache from getting a whiff of perfume from someone walking down the street, others may be ill for several days


Allergy Alert:

Some members of the district office have been identified as having severe reactions to the following scents:

  • Fragrance (perfume, cologne, etc.)
  • Fragranced hair products and/or similar products
  • Scented cleaning products
  • Chemicals and/or exhaust fumes

This is not an exhaustive list.  When scented products have been blamed for causing health problems, especially for those with allergies or environmental sensitivities, removing the cause of the reaction is important.


Please see the following links for policy and information: