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Annually Required Notifications to Families

Washington State Department of Health - Water Lead Test Results
Dear Mabton School Community:

In 2017, the Legislature directed the Washington State Department of Health to test for lead in drinking water in public schools in an effort to reduce children's overall exposure to lead in the environment. As part of our commitment to ensuring the health of our students and staff is protected, we recently participated in this program.
Annual Asbestos Notification 

The Mabton School District has had its facilities inspected by an accredited asbestos inspector as required by law. The inspector located, sampled and rated the condition and hazard potential of al materials in the district facilities. The Mabton School District is complying with all federal and state regulations in this area. The District contact person regarding this subject is Joseph Castilleja, Superintendent. 

Joseph Castilleja 
PO Box 37
Mabton, WA 98935
Phone: 509.894.4852 
Fax: 509 894-4769

District Pesticide Use Program

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your student is important to Mabton School District. We have an integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. The Goal of IPM is to protect health while reducing loss from pest damage. IPM emphasizes prevention and common sense strategies. 

On occasion, the District has the need to use pesticides in order to economically and effectively manage vegetation; and insect and rodent pests. Chemical applications are used only when needed after careful monitoring has indicated that an unwanted vegetation or pest will cause an unacceptable impact on human health or environment of the schools. 

A 48 hour written notice will be posted in the schools before a pesticide application is applied. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the 48 hour pre-notification, please fill out the registration form available at the main office and return it to your school principal where your child attends. 

Pre notification requirements do not apply to emergency applications for control of a pest that poses an immediate human health or safety threat, such as controlling stinging insects. When such an application is made, normal notification procedures will be as soon as possible after an application is performed. 

In addition, signage will be posted of all pesticide applications at the time of application in a prominent location. Pesticides commonly used on fields, parking lots and surrounding grounds:

  • Round Up Pro Herbicide 
  • Horsepower Selective Herbicide 
  • R-11 Spreader Activator
  • Raid Wasp and Hornet Spray 
  • School district personnel apply pesticides. 

Records of all applications to school facilities, annual record summaries and copies of the chemical Material Safety Data Sheets will be kept on file in the Facilities Department. 

These are available for review upon request by calling (509) 894-4852.

Roy Prieto
Facilities Manager 
Phone: 509.894.4852 
Fax: 509 894-4769

Notification Regarding Parents’ Rights to Access to Student Records (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act _FERPA) 

Each year parents and students need to be reminded of the student’s record policy of the Mabton School District. Parents of students or 18- year old students who wish to review any or all of the school records pertaining to the student should contact the building principal for an appointment.  The records will be reviewed with school personnel and parents may have copies of the records for the cost of copying. 

Record information will not be released to most persons or agencies without written consent of parents. Nonetheless, it is the policy of this District to forward school records, without parent consent to schools in other districts to which a student transfers. This is to facilitate the prompt placement of the student in the new school. However, parents may request a copy of the record. Similarly,  without parent consent the district forwards transcripts or other information requested by high school students to colleges and other educational institutions to which the students applying. 

For a complete copy of the District’s student record policy (District Policy # 3600) contact your school principal or you may obtain a copy on the district website. Parents who have questions or concerns about the student record policy may direct them to the building principal. 

Tracey Smith 
Artz-Fox Elementary Principal
805 Washington.
Mabton, WA 98935.
Phone: 509.894.4941
Fax: 509.894.5110

Esteban Florian 
Junior Senior High School Principal
500 E. "B" Street
Mabton, WA 98935.
Phone: 509.894.4951
Fax: 509.894.5110

Washington State Department of Health

Mabton School District No 120 complies with all federal rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color national origin, sex or handicap. This hold true for all students interested in participating in educational programs and or extracurricular activities. Inquiries regarding compliance procedures may be directed to the schools district’s Title IX officer and or Section 504 Coordinator.

Mabton School District 
PO Box 37
Mabton, WA 98935
Phone: 509.894.4852 
Fax: 509 894-4769

Release of Directory Information 

The federal law permits a school district to identify certain information as directory information, which may be publicly released without permission of the parents. Mabton School District Policy #3231 identifies this information as the following:

  1. Name, Address, telephone number; 
  2. Date and place of birth 
  3. Major field of study
  4. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  5. Weight and height of Athletic teams
  6. Dates of attendance
  7. Diploma and awards received 
  8. Most recent previous school attended 
  9. Photographs and other similar information 

If you do not want this information released, please complete the form below and return within ten (10) school days. If we do not receive your notice by the date, we will assume you have no objection to the release of such information. We believe that it is in the student’s best interest to have such information released in the school's newsletters and community newspapers because of the recognition it gives them. We make every reasonable effort to protect our students’ privacy. 

Denying the Release of Directory Information Form: 

I do not want directory information, as defined in Mabton Public School’s records policy, concerning ____________________________________ to be released without my prior written Consent. I understand that signing this form will Exclude my child’s and picture from parent organization mailing lists, school newsletters and community newspapers, commencement programs, publications or honor rolls, sports pictures and other school information about students in the public media.

Parents signature 


Please contact your building principal if you are interested in requesting a list of Professional Qualifications for staff within the schools. 
Mabton School District is a gun-free and weapon-free zone. Please see our policy below to understand the scope of this expectation: