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Board of Education

As one of Washington’s 296 school districts, your Mabton School Board of Directors is charged with making sure that your children have a safe learning environment. They are also charged with making sure that the staff has adequate funding and materials as well as establishing school policies, procedures, and budgets that support student learning.
The Regular Board Meetings take place on the fourth Monday of the month, (except December, an earlier meeting is held). The meetings begin at 5:30 pm, in the JR SR High School Library .

Board of Directors

James Adams
District #1
[email protected]
Wendy Morrow 
District #2 - Board Chair 
[email protected]

Susana Diaz 
District #3 - Vice Chair
[email protected]

Irma Martinez
District #2 At Large - Legislative Representative
[email protected]

Alicia Montes 
District #1 At-Large
[email protected]