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Levy 2024 Information


The Mabton School District proposes a four-year replacement levy for registered voters to consider on the February 13, 2024 ballot.


Replacement Levy:  This Levy would replace the current Educational Programs & Operations Levy (Previously called a Maintenance and Operations Levy) approved at a rate of $1.79 and is set to expire on December 31, 2024.


Levy Cost to Taxpayers:  Mabton School District Board of Directors passed a resolution authorizing a tax levy to be made annually for four years as follows:


Collection Year

Approximate Levy Rate

Rate/$1,000 Assessed Value

Levy Amount















4-Year Total = $2,341,924

The district is asking for this levy to be effective for four years.  The rate may even go lower as new value evaluations are done on property in the district.  State law prohibits the collection of more money than was approved by the voters, even if property assessments increase.


The cost to taxpayers:


$90.50 per year on $50,000 of property value

$135.75 per year on $75,000 of property value

$181.00 per year on $100,000 of property value


Levy Equalization:  Levy Equalization (LEA) is our State’s attempt to bridge the funding gap that occurs between districts that are property value poor versus those in communities with higher property values.  This additional funding comes in the form of a matching formula.  Mabton qualifies for Levy Equalization.  


If approved by the voters, Mabton will collect an estimated $2,341,924 in property taxes over four years.  This qualifies us to receive an estimated $4,299,122 in levy equalization dollars (LEA) from the state of Washington at no additional cost to local property owners.


Based on the current state formula, the proposed levy allows us to collect the maximum LEA available to Mabton.  It is Mabton School District’s strategy to maximize what we are able to collect from the State for Mabton kids.


LEA vs Levy Dollars Comparison


What is an Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O)?:  These levies were once called Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Levies, but new laws have changed the scope and name.  EP&O Levies raise funds from the taxpayers of the Mabton School District for use in the operations of the district to maintain the educational program.  We like to say, “levies are for learning”.


What are EP&O levies used for?:  Funds are used to subsidize our educational program through enrichment activities. 


These include:

    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Athletics
    • Fine and Performing Arts
    • Staffing costs for additional course offerings above state-provided allocations
    • Student safety
    • Technology upgrades
    • Annual Maintenance & Repair Projects.
Without local levies, many of these programs would be cut.


Senior Citizens (61 years of age and older) get an exemption!  Senior citizens can call the County Tax Assessor’s Office at 1-800-572-7354 to obtain additional information.



For more information, please do not hesitate to call our superintendent, Dr. Joey Castilleja, at 509-894-4852.




To learn more about levies, bonds, and how schools are funded, take a look at this video!