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Reopening School Planning

Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan
Artz-Fox Elementary Reopening 
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January 15th, 2021 ***UPDATE***
Mabton Community,
This is an update of our start dates:
Grades TK-1: January 25
Grades 2-3: February 8
Grades 4-6: February 22
Jr-Sr High: The PODs of 5 program will continue (and grow) as is in place currently.
We would like to thank the community, staff, and students for their patience through this closure. We are glad that we are able to set these dates and take the next steps forward.
We also want to apologize for the inconveniences this change has caused.
Please be encouraged and encouraging. We are Mabton, we take care of each other, and we can do this!
Comunidad de Mabton,
Esta es una actualización de nuestras fechas de inicio:
Grados TK-1: 25 de enero
Grados 2-3: 8 de febrero
Grados 4-6: 22 de febrero
Jr-Sr High: El programa PODs de 5 continuará como está en su lugar ahora.
Nos gustaría agradecer a la comunidad, el personal y los estudiantes por su paciencia durante este cierre. Nos complace poder establecer estas fechas y dar los próximos pasos.
También queremos disculparnos por las comodidades que ha causado este cambio.
Anímate y anímate. ¡Somos Mabton, nos cuidamos unos a otros y podemos hacer esto!
January 8th, 2021 ***UPDATE***
Please see the following message regarding reopening school.
December 31st, 2020 ***UPDATE***
This video is a COVID update for Mabton Schools for Dec 31, 2020:
At this time, the Mabton School District is postponing the hybrid in-person start dates that were announced on Dec 2. A new Governor’s Proclamation and current COVID conditions have led us to this decision.
The Mabton School Board will meet for a special meeting on January 6 to discuss the new guidance and review the proposed dates:
TK- Grade 1 – January 13
Grade 2-3 – January 18
Grades 4-5 – January 21
Grades 6-12 – TBD as we approach the Moderate Risk category
November 17th, 2020 ***UPDATE***
Please see the following update regarding reopening school.
October 15th, 2020 ***UPDATE***
Please see the following update regarding reopening school.
October 9th, 2020 ***UPDATE***
Please see the following memo and updated plan for reopening school.
August 11th, 2020 ***UPDATE***
Please see the following for the Reopening Plan for the Mabton School District 2020-21 school year. A translated version is coming soon.
July 28th, 2020 ***UPDATE***
Please see the following letter about starting Mabton School District's 2020-21 school year this fall. More information to follow soon!


Dear Mabton Students, Staff, and Community,


Since March, the Mabton community has shown a tremendous amount of resilience, flexibility, and a commitment to our children.  Though we wish we could say it is all over and we can go back to normal, we cannot.  That state of Washington, our state Superintendent Reykdal, and Governor Inslee have provided school districts with guidance and requirements that pertain specifically to how we will start school in Fall of 2020.


What we do know is that school will start this fall.  What we do not yet know is what this will look like.  A lot of this depends on the Phase that we are in at that time, and we also know that more guidance is coming our way.


Our state has asked school systems to be flexible, work together, and to partner with each other to ensure a safe start to school.  The state recently led a workgroup to explore seven options for reopening.  The workgroup settled on three that are now presented to our district as the three reopening options.  They are:


  1. Split or Rotating Schedules with Distance Learning
  2. Phased-in Opening with Distance Learning
  3. Continuous Learning 2.0 (staying online a bit longer)
Image, reopening options


So, now the hard work begins.  As a community, we will need to come together to formulate what is right for Mabton kids.  There are many stakeholders, and we have basically the month of July to sort things out.  As you have noticed, things change on us frequently, so it is important to remember that we aim to stay diligent, stay flexible, and stay positive for kids.


Mabton has a perfect track record of getting through tough times.  We will get through this!



Dr. Joey Castilleja




The following is a timeline for information gathering and reopening plan design.


When Where What Notes

June 29 from 9am to 12pm


Zoom Teleconference

Host:  Dr. Castilleja

Image, Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 965 7442 4707
Password: mabton
Stakeholder Focus Group Session 1  (~50 people)

This group will:


  1. Receive a briefing of the current COVID closure situation.
  2. Small breakout groups will examine, in detail, one of the three options allowable by the state of WA.
  3. Each group will share their findings to the entire group.

June 26 to July 10

District Website, email, & Facebook


A separate survey will go out to:
These surveys are currently closed.

Image, student survey

Image, parent surver 

3.  Staff (via Internal Email)

July 6 from 9am to 10:30am


Zoom Teleconference

Host:  Dr. Castilleja


Image, Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 980 7825 8346
Password: mabton

Stakeholder Focus Group 

Session 2  (~50 people)

This group will:


  1. Receive a briefing of the information gathered so far.
  2. Provide reactions and further feedback

July 13, at 5:50pm


Zoom Teleconference

Host:  Dr. Castilleja


Image, Zoom LinkZoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 932 7518 2611
Password: mabton

School Board Study Session 

(5 Board members + Supt.)

The Superintendent and Cabinet will present their findings and a baseline proposal to the School Board.  The Board will ask questions and offer their adjustments.
July 13-27 Department of Health Approval District works with the DOH for approval of the reopening plan.
July 13-27 Special Interests Superintendent may reach out to specific groups to gather clarification as needed.
July 27 at 5:30pm Regular Board Meeting If all goes well the Board will pass a Resolution adopting a reopening plan, but we will have an option to adopt the plan at a special meeting on August 3rd (TBD).

August 3 at 5:30pm


Special Board Meeting Tentative
The week of August 3-7 Submit for State Approval  
August 11 State Approval Required 2-weeks prior to the first day of school
August 25 First Day of School 

One of the three options allowed by the state will be in place:


1 - Distance Learning 2.0

2 - Phased Back to School w/ Distance Learning

3 - Staggered Schedules w/ Distance Learning 


Supporting Documents & Resources

The following are guidance and materials that school districts have been provided to lead us toward the 20-21 school year: