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Supt. Joseph Castilleja


Dear Mabton Community,

Welcome to the Mabton School District!  I am both honored and excited to serve as superintendent for Mabton. I cannot express how proud I am to be your superintendent.  It is a role that I am enthusiastic about.

Mabton is a caring and enthusiastic community that places a lot of value on our kids.  Our Artz-Fox Voyagers, 7th and 8th grade Oarsmen, and High School Vikings are carrying a long tradition of pride, hard work, and community as they grow through our system.  Our student-scholars are simply amazing, proving each day that big things can happen in small schools.

As an instructional leader in Mabton, as well as a parent of three Mabton students, I have a few core beliefs and values about education that I know I share with many of you.  I would like to state these as my commitments to Mabton.




My commitment to you:

You can count on me…

  • to remain committed to the goals of the Mabton School District.
  • to be truthful and to give you my honest reaction to issues, concerns and questions.
  • to work with integrity.
  • to provide unwavering support.
  • to champion needed change. I will communicate a clear vision, direction and goals for change. My actions will reflect that I understand the organizational and human impact of change. I will actively listen and attempt to walk in your shoes.
  • to remain positive, energetic and excited about this job and the potential of our success.
  • to improve academic achievement.
  • to nurture organizational trust between the families we serve and our schools.
  • to continually improve fiscal accountability.
  • to continually improve system accountability.
  • to value strategic communications.
  • to believe in our children, families, and community!


Our big ideas as school leaders:

Our administrators and school leaders are focused on three big ideas:

  1. Building Trust – This means having healthy relationships that involve students, staff, administrators, and families.
  2. Systems that Support People – Our systems must to be built to support our people. This means we support our kids, adults, and families.
  3. Academic Press – We will stay committed to challenging and growing our students and staff.

Above all, I hope you will see in our leadership our belief that all means ALL in Mabton schools.  Everyone deserves to get what they need to succeed.

Please know that my door is always open.  If you have questions or concerns please give me a call or stop by the district office.  I also encourage you to become involve with our schools—everyone has something to offer our school family!  School board meetings are held on the 4th Monday of every month at 5:30pm in the High School Library.


For Kids,
Joseph R. Castilleja PhD

Dr. Joey Castilleja
Mabton School District